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i was blog-hopping & arrived at your interesting blog. all those beautiful places those people have been to!
so i'd like to share with the rest of the readers on one of my favourite places on earth: kashmir, india.
went for a trip there last year and it was already end of winter. the locals said that we should've come in spring when everything blooms.
here are some pictures of dal lake, srinagar and one of the many hundred-year-old boat houses.
i shall insert another trip to kashmir somewhere in my travel list. in spring time, of course :)

much love from kuala lumpur, malaysia,

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Votre serviteuse said...

Un très beau blog!
De superbes photos, de superbes endroits, tant de choses à voir...
Ces photos du Kashmir m'interpellent particulièrement pour y avoir été (échoué) un jour il y a 10 ans maintenant. Région sublime, souvenirs impérrissables, merci!