Sara > Ghana

In 2006, I spent several months in Ghana, West Africa, one of the most visually striking places I've ever been. Hot, bright, and loud are the only adjectives I have to describe it. A truly exciting and overwhelming experience.

Sidewalk in Kumasi - I snapped this while in a taxi at a red light. Everywhere you look in Ghana, the colors are so intense and beautiful.

Kumasi Central Market - An aerial shot of the Kumasi Central Market, a maze of crowded shops stretching on for miles.

Artist Studio, Accra - A sculptor in Accra allowed me to tour his personal studio. He worked mostly with recycled trash to create complicated, often humorous sculptures. His studio was a mess, but very inspiring!

Trinity Home Orphanage, Tutu - These kids were very excited to have their picture taken. I love the proud look on the tall boy's face.




Sara Christine said...

Thank you so much for posting my pictures! It's an honor to be part of your wonderful blog.

Jillian said...

I love learning about Africa. Thank you :)