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The first three were taken in Destin, FL where I spent my most memorable spring break with my best friends.
It's true, Destin truly has the most beautiful beaches in all of Florida!

The fourth was taken in Buchanan, MI where I grew up. I have a strange connection with this field. It is infinitely more beautiful than this picture shows, but I'm afraid my poor photagraphy skills are showing...

And finally.... the fifth was taken in Pemaquid Point, ME. I've only visited once, but I hope to go back someday; it was insanely beautiful. This was my first trip to Maine, and the beaches were unlike anything I'd ever seen before.


Mila said...

Very very beautiful!
Looks like a great place to relax...

Hope you are doing fine!

:) Mila.

http://caryw.blogg.se said...

oh, that first picture is gorgeous!